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Today’s Bright Idea from Chronicle of Philanthropy

“All of a nonprofit’s communications with donors — whether direct mail, website, email, Facebook, or Internet banner ads — should echo one another in design and language so donors feel like all of those contacts are with the same organization.”

Why a Fundraising Plan?

One question that comes up frequently is this: “How can I find money I need to keep my organization going?”, or “We’re worried about ending the year in the red. Help! How can I find a grant to help us out?” board bored three

Writing a grant proposal shouldn’t happen in a vacuum, in response to a potential crisis. It should be part of a plan of continuous improvement for a nonprofit organization.  That plan includes, but isn’t limited to, a cyclical or annual fundraising plan.

A step-by-step approach to developing the fundraising plan should include

  • presenting a strong mission statement and vital programs.
  • conducting an assets inventory for your organization.
  • creating a dynamic case statement.
  • setting realistic fundraising goals.
  • diversifying  the funding mix for your organization.

One critical element to a successful fundraising plan is buy-in from the organization’s leadership team – often, the executive director and board members. Without their commitment, and a clear understanding of how development work fits into the overall success of your organization, your fundraising success may be spotty, unpredictable, and a large source of anxiety.

It really is a team approach.  If you don’t have a fundraising plan in place, there is no time like the present to begin that process. Grantspace.org is a good place to start.